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The EU wants Big Tech to deploy AI technology on its own terms

The European Union wants Big Tech to deploy AI technology on its own terms

EU wants Big Tech to deploy AI technology
EU wants Big Tech to deploy AI technology

Why the European Union wants Big Tech to deploy AI technology on its own terms

The EU's Margrethe Vestager will soon reveal the alliance's plans to strengthen its technical capabilities and stay with China and the US. Meanwhile, Big Tech is emphasizing a sensitive approach to AI deployment without many regulatory barriers. However, looking at Westchester's track record of paying huge fines to big companies, they have to choose between keeping the money on the table and following more rules.

China and the U.S. They are fighting for information and financial superiority; The European Union is working hard to establish new regulations in the field of technology companies, specifically protecting privacy and security, creating transparency and a level playing field for all participants.

With a set of recommendations for future regulations on the use of AI in high-risk areas such as transport and manufacturing, Margrethe Vestager, the new EU Vice President of Policy, is expected to submit a draft of the new regulation on Wednesday, Energy, Biometric Identification and Health Care. The main purpose of the law is to establish clear rules of security and responsibility for technical veterans working to circumvent those areas.

It is a common belief that Europe is far behind the United States and China in terms of AI development. However, according to the McKinsey Global Institute, the EU's digital technology gap can be narrowed by financing the growth of new companies, the digital transformation of non-technology companies and encouraging investors to invest more. Ideally, there are an estimated 5.7 million software developers in the European Union, which is impressive considering the US. That’s just 4.4 million.

The European Union will not lose an opportunity to generate an additional 900 billion euros by 2030. However, MEPs would like to chart a course for AI adoption that considers risks such as abuse, social bias, errors in automated decision systems, and consumer safety.

Silicon Valley giants are concerned about new developments and have scheduled meetings with MEPs to discuss new regulations. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already tried to address malicious content as a way to boost public confidence, but his proposals come amid allegations of GDPR breaches and a dubious collection of data practices.

Vestager said he was not concerned about algorithms that would better serve consumers' interests, but such as facial recognition or automated systems that would predict who could get a loan, which could be prone to biases and errors.