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how to create a free .edu email account (100% free working)

how to create a free .edu email account (100% free working)

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How to get a free Edu account email

When you become a student at a specific university or college, you will have a .edu email account with your name, for example, But if you are not a student and want free .edu email, this method is 100% free and works (last tested on February 10, 2020)

Why should we need .edu email?

Number of Benefits of free education (.EDU) mail account

1. GitHub students

With student account, Github gives you the GitHub Student developer pack. In this pack, you will get 12 great deal and some free services. You will get join to advance GitHub Developer Community and get unlimited private repositories, GitHub Normally charges for $7 per month for this.

You can see below benefits of. Edu account

Amazon 15 Amazon AWS Coupon

50 Dollars Ocean Digital Coupon. It expires in 12 months added to your account, only for a new account.

Bitnami Business 3 offers a yearly plan, which typically costs $ 49 per month.

DNSimple  offer a private  host DNS for 2 years, DNSimple normally offer $5 per month

Credit from Hawkhand 25 Credit, direct programming help available 24/7.

Microsoft Azure cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Community and Microsoft Developer Tools in.Edu email account.

SendGrid: When you are a student, plan a student with 15,000 free emails per month.

Travis CI: Access private collections that charge $ 69 per month when you are a student.

When you use an a.EDU email account and sign up for an Amazon student account, you can use Amazon Prime for six months free, with many benefits:

Two-day shipping on many Amazon products.
Free Streaming on Amazon Prime.
Unlimited Cloud Storage for Photos in Amazon prime.

LastPass.EDU account offers a six-month premium LastPass for any user with an email address.

4.Newegg Premier

Get a Newegg premiere year that costs you $ 50.

5. Apple

Buy Apple products on Big Discount when You are Using Student Account.

6. Microsoft DreamSpark

Get Microsoft DreamSpark with the most useful software and free Microsoft Office 365 membership.

Let’s get to this point. How you get a free.Edu email account, just follow the few steps to get you. Edu email account.

Part 1: Free Edu account

Step 1: Follow this link and solve the captcha. Click on New User and Register by email.

Step 2: You can use your real name and email address to fill out the details, but if you are not a U.S. citizen, you can use this link to create fake user information. [For temporary email you can go here.] For example:

Full name: johnson marry
Gender:   Male
Title:  Mr.
Race:  Black
Birthday:  11/16/1950
Social Security Number:  456-90-8491

NOTE: Save username, password for Future Use.

Step 3: Click "Submit". An account is created for you. 

Part 2: free Edu account

After creating an account and logging in, click "Apply Now ".Select college name from the list (Select any College).Click on "Apply" New pop-up window will appear. Then click on the Apply Now button ("any Button appear). Then the Site asks few questions from you, answer them randomly. 

Enter the First and last name the same as you entered in part 1. Leave the other field blank.

Date of birth, social security number: enter the data generated by a link.

Gender = Male / Female

Race/Ethnicity = White

Latino = no

Have you ever applied, visited = No

After Doing Save and Continue.

For mail, use the generated Details by Link.

This One is your Permanent Address: Yes.

you can Leave Black the Phone Column

Then check the box "I have read the rules" and click "Save" and continue.

Which secondary education: I do not have GED / High ... 

Date of the last visit: 01/2017

Highest grade completed: Grade 11.

Have you ever visited = No

Planned to get degree = No

I Plan to start the class: choose any.

After Doing Save and continue.
Have you ever served ..military: no

You ..military: no

After Doing Save and continue.

Select the Parent: select any.

Current Status Now: U.S. Natives 

Your Primary language /Tongue: English

Do you want: No

After doing, click "Submit." Button

Part 3: Free Edu account

After that, your form filled successfully, Put your full name. The new page will appear where all your information show i.e username and temporary password. Store password, username and other information.

Click on this link and log in with .edu account

NOTE: Your Account Will Activate in more than 6 Hour, If you log in before the 6 hours then you will get Error. Remember that you have to change the password after your account is activated.

You can use this. Edu email account where you want to take a discount and offer and Enjoy.