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How to see who Visit your site with Google Analytics

How to see who Visit your site with Google Analytics

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see who visit your site | In the Google Analytics In-Page Analytics report, you can select any page on your site and see which pages visitors go to after viewing them. This gives you a thought of how traffic moves through your site, giving data on whether your route framework is sufficiently basic and whether its substance is viable in drawing in clients. You can get to your in-page investigation report from the Content segment of the Google Analytics Dashboard.

How to see who visit website and which country 

1. Go to in your browser and click on the “All account > "site name"” top left corner.

2. You will see Report options  Click on overview to check website for which you want to view information.To change the date range from which Google Analytics draws a date, click on the dates in the upper right corner of the page.

3.“Audience” link in the left side  of the page. In audience you see a lot of options to check what going on your site, as well as overlays showing the links that viewers follow after viewing the page. For example, if there is an overlay on the page with an “11%” display above the link called “Home”, this means that 11% of visitors click the “Home” link after viewing the page shown.

5. Click any link on the page to go to another page on your site. Again, overlays are displayed on the screen showing which pages the visitors view after viewing the selected page. The left side of the screen displays the number of people who viewed the page during the selected date range, and the number of people who left your site after viewing the page without clicking another link.