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How to stay untraceable online | How to anonymous online

How to stay untraceable online | How to anonymous online

Complete Forensics Guide

How to stay untraceable online | untraceable web browsing |surf anonymously online.
Anti-forensics is the art of not leaving traces on your computer; it fights against common forensic tools and prevents the penetration of forensic tests on your computer. Anti-Forensics can be largely summarized in one well-known quote:
It’s hard for them to find you, and it’s impossible to prove that they found you.

Since Linux installations are pretty much already protected, this guide will focus only on Windows. Windows is a security nightmare, but what if I tell you that there is a way around this, a way to make Windows safe? VPNs, IP hider online, how to be safe while being online, online guns,illegal weapon
proxies and Tor can only help you to go online anonymous, but what do you do when they track it on your computer? Anti-forensics are designed for this situation so that they cannot prove that you did something wrong, even if they have a computer.

let's get started.

Turn off timestamps

Using timestamps, forensic experts can build a “digital timeline,” which can be very convincing evidence if cross-referenced with other known evidence. To enhance security, we must disable these logs.

Step 1.) User Assist File - Anonymously  online

how to be untraceable online | User Assist File is a registry file that stores your logs and data of all running programs, You must have to disable or delete this user assist file , You have careful when you're deleting this file.

Find to Go "HKEY_Current_User \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Currentversion \ Explorer \ Usera    ssist". 
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user Assist file Untraceable  online

You should see two subkeys named Count, delete both of these keys. Now right-click the UserAssist key and create a new key called Settings. In thisyou have to create a DWORD value and named NoLog, set value to 1.

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How to anonymously online

Windows will no longer store hidden logs of the time you accessed files, so forensic experts can no longer use these hidden logs to create a digital timeline.

Step 2.) Recent Access Logs - untraceable online

Disable last access in Windows. The last access is configured in Windows that allows you to see when you open, modify and/or create files on your computer, and is similar to the UserAssist registry key. By disabling this function, experts will not be able to easily determine when it accessed programs or files on your computer.

To disable last access, open a command prompt on your computer, you must run as administrator in Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Enter in command prompt below.

fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 1

Last access is now disabled so that it takes effect, you must restart the computer.

Encrypt your computer

hide IP address online | It is very important to make sure that your computer is encrypted, if an unwanted visitor tries to access your computer, he will not be able to access your computer if he is encrypted.

Step 1.) Veracrypt

To encrypt your computer, you can use Veracrypt, a free program that allows you to encrypt your computer.
In VeraCrypt you have two options;

(A)  The first is to create a hidden container.
(B)  A hidden container is an operating system that is impossible to prove its exist

When you creating a hidden container, you have to set three different passwords.

1. The first will be for your decoy system, the operating system that you will show to someone who forces you to log into your computer.

2. The 2nd  password will be for your external volume, the OS (operating system)  that will show someone forcing you to enter the 2nd section on your computer { the second section requires a computer for your hidden container }

3. The third password is for the hidden operating system in the second section of your computer, this operating system is located in the internal volume, and it is impossible to prove its existence (it looks like RAW data).

Step 2.) Encrypt your keystrokes

You need to protect yourself from keyloggers. Oddly enough, even the government has keyloggers, a few years ago there was speculation about the law on CIPAV, government spyware known to send users the IP address, the Mac address, the open ports, the operating system, the installed applications, the default web browser, visited URL, connected user, etc.

To protect yourself from keyloggers, you must encrypt your keystrokes. You can do this using software called 'Keyscrambler'. Please note that you should NOT use the free version of Keyscrambler, you should only use the Premium version, which costs quite a bit of money.

Keyscrambler Premium supports 170 programs, including Windows login, most web browsers, and popular instant messaging programs (i.e., Skype).

Make encryption secure - Anonymous  online

Encryption is meaningless if it can be easily avoided or overcome. You should also make sure that the encryption is secure.

Step 1.) Make sure your password is secure

Even with your computer encrypted, you are still vulnerable. Make sure your password is good (for optimal security, your password should be twenty or more characters long, with random symbols, numbers, and capitals, and a special symbol (such as ALT + 1456) really increases security).

If your password is not secure enough, you can change it by right-clicking on your VeraCrypt encrypted drive and selecting 'Change password'.

Step 2.) Create Lock Screen Saver for windows

Encryption makes no sense if hacker reaches to your computer while it is running. To overcome this problem, you just have to create a locked screen saver.

Blocked screen saver in windows vista/ 7, Right-Click anywhere on Desktop screen and click on "Personalize" Option. The light most corner you see Screen saver option. Click on it. Check to  'Resume Start,' Wait' to 5.

Now you go to the Control panel. Click on System and Security, now click on 'Options Power Options', find your chosen plan and click on 'Change plan settings'. Set the screen turn for 5 minutes.

Step 3.) Installed advance Antivirus

The most important thing you can do is to have a good antivirus. Just careful this type of antivirus AVG, Avast, McCaff, Norton? All of them sucked. The Best antivirus you should consider ESET Nod32, Quick Heal Premium version, Bit Defender.

Stop the  Windows hibernation

If your house breaks down and your computer is dormant, you can also turn your computer into a feed. Also, keeping your computer dormant will screenshot your RAM, saving it to your hard drive.

Disable hibernation now in win7 / 8/10.

Now Open the control panel after that Click on "Power Options".

Now you see 'Change Plan Settings' options click on it.
After that, you see 'Change Advanced Power Settings' options click on it. Extend 'Sleep' Options, followed by 'Hibernate After'. Enter "0" for 'Settings' and set Hibernation to 'Never'.

Now the hibernation has stopped.

Keep in mind you change in 'current power plan' and also you can change in all power plan one by one.

Turn off and delete USB records

In the Anti-Forensics list for deactivating USB functionality logs, flash drives, etc., it is valuable if you have a flash drive with sensitive data and do not want to connect any logs. To your computer.