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How to make your computer fast ,Just in simple steps

In Daily Life We Use Computer on regular basis, We need to finish our work in less time. A slow computer does not make our work on time. So here some tips to make your computer fast.

Make Your Computer fast: Follow Below Steps:

1. Stop The Windows Search Indexing.

Windows search indexing doesn't really make your files and folder indexing, it takes a lot of memory in the background to indexing each file and folder and makes your computer really slow. after disabling the search indexing you really feel the computer speed.

Use alternative Search application Everything. Everything is much better than windows search.

Steps To Stop Windows Search Indexing.

1. Start  menu, Type Indexing options  and open it

2.Click on Modify and Untick All indexing Folder and files

3. After that search Services on start Menu and Open it. Find The Windows Search and click Properties > Startup Type: Disable > Stop > Ok

4.Restart Computer.

2. Stop the  Local Drive Indexing.

Stop the local drive indexing each file and folder. Its make your computer fast.

Steps to Follow.

1. Click On Drive Properties And Untick the " Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties." 

NOTE: Don't try to unindexing the C drive Because it contains lots of files it takes your wholes days to unindexin, so leave C drive .

When you unindexing the local drive, it takes more time to make unindexing your files depending on storage usage.

3. Clear Temp.

This temp has stored all your browser caches when the application is closed browser caches are stored in this folder, it will make your computer slow if we keep this file too long.

Steps to Delete this files

Win+ R type temp.

Enter open folder delete all files and Skip those file who doesn't delete.

4. Clear Prefetch.

Each time you run an application on your system, a prefetch file that contains information about the files loaded by the application is created by the Windows operating system. The information in the prefetch file is used to optimize the loading time of the application the next time you run it. But this always keeps your application in memory after the restart.

Follow the Following Steps 

Win+ R type Prefetch

Press Enter and Delete all files and folder. Skip those file who doesn't delete 

5. Clear %Temp%.

To view and delete this file.

Start Menu and Type %temp%  or Win+ R type %temp%.
Press Enter and Delete all files and folder present in this folder.  Skip those file who doesn't delete. This will delete all temporary files and folder caches that make your computer slow.

6. Clear Register

When we install the software on a computer. Application registry is automatically add in our windows register folder. After uninstalling any software. Software register is present in windows registry folder its make your computer slow on run times or when we open any other application.

Note: Recommend CCleaner for Better result. I Personally Use.

Clear your Register by Ccleaner. Follow the Steps

1. Start Ccleaner and Click On Register 

2.Click On Scan issues.

3. > Fix issues> No > Fix 

7. Defragmentation

Defragmentation reduces the degree of fragmentation. All storage media has some level of fragmentation and, honestly, it's beneficial. It's too much fragmentation that slows down your computer. I recommend using only in 2,3 Month.

Steps To Open 

1. Start menu type Defragment  and optimize drives

2. Click on optimize.

Note:  Change Power Plans Doesn't change your performance Fully. It only increases your CPU Clock rate, But not increase your RAM.

I hope this blog useful for guys.

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