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Best Windows 10 Apps You Should Use In 2020.

Best Windows 10 Apps in 2020. 

I'm the only guy who uses a Windows laptop and so when we decided to make an article on the most essential app for Windows they clearly had no choice well there is no shortage of apps when it comes to Windows but finding fresh apps isn't that easy so here is a list of must-uses essential apps for Windows.

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1. Franz 

Cool name by the way what it lets you do is a group a range of messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp Gmail, into one single screen so instead of opening five applications just have to open one with all my apps inside it.

what I really like about the app apart from that it's free is that the interface of the services running inside it remains the same and you have to spend zero time to understand because the UI is exactly the same.

2. Wox

I have to test a lot of apps and I just lose track of the names the windows search. It doesn't help either which is why I use an app called Wox.

Consider Wox a spotlight alternative for Windows that is an app launcher to help you quickly find files and folders.

I can go ahead and search apps Google queries perform calculations open URLs hitting an alt + space triggers the app from any screen. There are tons of possibilities with this app but my favourite thing about the Wox is the third-party plugin support so you can do everything from searching.

YouTube to translating languages right from your launcher my favourite one is a plug-in called everything and the file search is so smooth that nothing comes close to that you will get instantaneous results as you type I believe Microsoft should offer everything natively as well.

4. Sound Switch

The next one is sound switch sounds which let you switch between Bluetooth devices just by using a hotkey suppose you have your Bluetooth speaker and headphone both connected to your computer.

Now you want to switch the audio output from the headphone to the speaker it takes several steps to do that in Windows with sound switch. All I have to do is press ctrl alt + f11 and you can effortlessly switch between the audio devices.

5. Sandboxie

We all go through those times installing fishy apps later regretting it mostly the solution is to uninstall the app or at times even format your system.

One easy way to fix that is by using a small utility called a sandbox. Consider it as a virtual machine but barely eats any system resources. It creates a virtual environment for you to run apps within it.

Now the app can not harm any files and we'll have to use resources granted to sandbox see only you can literally run any app inside the sandbox. See it's as simple as right-clicking the app and choosing a run sandbox.

if the app creates any mess then you can close sandbox see anytime and you're back to good the app and you will see a pop-up now. you can ignore the free version allows you to run one sandbox environment at a time in case you want to run two environments simultaneously you better upgrade it costs 20 $1.00 annually every time

6. Ninite.

I format my computer I have to install the same set of apps like Chrome, VLC, Photoshop, etc. Now some of you might be using the ninite for this when you click the programs you want it creates one installation file to install all of your selected programs saves you a lot of time.

But there is another chocolatey here goes one step further. it is a package manager where you can not only install apps but also update anyone and install them.
Example after Windows install if I want to install Chrome Skype and VLC etc I will install chocolatey and go to the command prompt right-click on it and select run as administrator then type in chaco install Google Chrome and hit enter.

Similarly, choco install VLC on another command prompt and so on chocolaty is free do try it out.

7. Simple Sticks Notes

Talking about multitasking I forget my password account number or is useful stuff so noting know things is a habit I have developed with the time you have the inbuilt sticky notes for that in Windows but really it has its own problem and I mean a lot of problems I switch to simple sticky notes the best thing is the hotkeys I can quickly hide them show them pin a sticky delete recover like I'm so used to this stuff I want one in my phone as well.

8 .Sharp keys

Ever wondered what are you gonna do with two shift keys to control keys and the caps lock button pretty useless so here is an app called sharp Keys. Which lets you remap these keys to a different action, for instance.
I have mapped my caps lock key to open the calculator and pressing the right Alt key will open my computer this can also be achieved manually by editing the registry key entries but too much Manual.


You know talking about manual effort editing or converting a PDF is a task in itself Adobe PDF Reader is free to use but it lets you only read the PDF.

PDF escape a free online PDF editor which is good but it requires an internet connection a better alternative I am using the SEJDA PDF desktop it lets you edit PDFs convert them to a word file excel sheet and the list of features goes on you can add text and forms in the existing PDFs well yes the app is free and no you don't get any watermark but the limit for the free variant is three PDFs a day with 200 pages.


Another Android emulator boring, wait hear me out Nox Emulator.

Only lets you run Android apps on PC like BlueStacks but gives you root access as well you don't have to go through the tedious process of routing ADB console superuser, it's just there one click and you can use all the root applications.

Overall you get a totally different experience to playing a game with the help of a mouse and a huge screen and root feature is just an added bonus it lets you create multiple instances of the emulator and it really helps me out as I don't have to switch to a rooted app to test the applications.

11 .Plex

You should really try this one if you didn't already know Plex. It is a media server app simply speaking it lets you serve your music and movies to multiple devices.

All you have to do is choose a device to be the server which obviously should be a computer as the device needs to be connected to the Internet and powered on all the time. now from this computer, you can host movies films photos and this will be available on all of your devices but what I really use it for is to watch my favourite shows and movies on firestick using the plex app plex supports every device that you can imagine the only caveat is that your computer needs to be connected to the internet all the time 

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